Just stop. 

Stop begging for people’s attention.  Stop telling people how to treat you.  Stop trying to save everybody.  I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve always been a “life saver”. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a man, friend, or family member, I’m always trying to save someone. I AM NOT GOD. Sometimes, I catch myself explaining … More Just stop. 

Take care of YOU.

I know first hand how easy it is to lose yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up with life that we totally forget to take care of ourselves. I’ve been on a journey of transformation. A journey of getting rid of all the bad in my life and trusting God on everything. It’s been … More Take care of YOU.

Actually, I can. 

“You will never lose weight.” “You can’t stay sober.” “You’re nothing but a failure.”  “You will never be a good mom or wife.” These are SOME of the many things that people have expressed to me. I know I lived a crazy life, I know I was heading in the wrong direction but sheesh! I’m … More Actually, I can. 

Sugar in Recovery.

It’s no secret that I struggle with food. All I crave is sugar, carbs, sugar, and more carbs. Am I really in recovery when I am binging on food? 8 months into sobriety and I am very proud of myself for doing this sobriety thing all over again. Is it hard? absolutely! Is it even … More Sugar in Recovery.

Own your truth. 

Sometimes, I get nervous. How much is too much to share on social media? I don’t really know if anyone I know personally reads my blog. I do know that sometimes I want to hold back because I have no idea who’s reading. Then again, I know I’m not the only that struggles. In a … More Own your truth.