Mind. Body. Soul.

Life is a constant journey. We are always trying to figure life out. The reality of it is that, I don’t think we will ever have all the answers. Is life complicated or do we make it complicated? Is it really hard to be happy in this world?  Life is a journey that can sometimes … More Mind. Body. Soul.

Family issues. 

I just want to get drunk. Tonight is one of those nights where having a few drinks to just forget about everything would be AMAZING! My day started off so great! I went to 2 church services. I prayed , I worshiped and I was just so grateful. That didn’t last long. Of course, holidays … More Family issues. 


We all have memories. Whether they are good or bad,we all have them. I prefer the memories that make me smile. Unfortunately, we can’t erase the bad memories. I don’t think we would want to do that anyway, everything we have been through makes us who we are today. Facebook is great to connect, but … More Memories. 

Trusting God.

It’s so easy to tell people to trust God. The hard part is actually trusting him. Do you know how peaceful life would be if we just trusted God with everything? I really appreciate meeting people who do not let anything bother them, that’s true peace. It’s like no matter what happens, trust God. What’s the … More Trusting God.

My “turnt up” lifestyle almost made me take my own life.

Are you stuck? Most of us hate to admit it, but your life is a reflection of your choices. This is my story. My 20’s consisted of heavy drinking, partying, and men. Even though I was having a blast at the time I always felt like something was missing. I started drinking at the age … More My “turnt up” lifestyle almost made me take my own life.