About Me


Hello, My name is Cristal and I am from New Jersey. I am a 29 year old female that really thought she had life all figured out until I lost control of everything. Everything started to make sense to me when I got diagnosed with Depression in 2015. Between binge drinking and binge eating I knew I wasn’t going to live long. Either I was going to kill myself or I was going to die a slow death by destroying my body day in and day out. Even though most days I preferred death over life, I couldn’t fathom my loved ones crying over my casket. I am now working on not letting alcohol or food control my life. I’m writing this blog to share my journey and to help as many people as I can in the process. To let others know that they are never alone. Whether you have been diagnosed with a mental disorder or not, we all have suffered one way or another, not being able to identify what it is that we are going through. I am doing this for me, for US, and for the families and friends that do not understand us.