How did I get here? How did we get here? Why are humans so cruel to one another? Why do we disrespect one another and treat each other like we don’t even matter. I think about the pain I’ve endured, and , that’s just a little bit of the pain that’s going on in … More Pain.

I’m free!! 

I’m just laying here thinking about this week. This week has been good and bad. Good because I finally faced something that happened 13 years ago and I feel FREE. Bad, because it’s not something you can face , heal , and forget about. Opening up has released so much from within. I cried so … More I’m free!! 

Don’t ever. 

Don’t ever let anyone treat you like you don’t matter.  Don’t ever let someone disrespect you.  Don’t ever let someone belittle you.  Don’t ever let someone verbally, emotionally, or physically abuse you.  Don’t ever allow people to treat you less than.  You are an amazing soul. You are here on this earth for a specific … More Don’t ever. 

Choose Happiness.

” What are your goals in life?” My only goal in life is to be happy. “Yeah, I get that but what do you want to do, what do you want to accomplish?” Happiness. See, the most important thing to me besides my family is my happiness. I’ve been depressed, I’ve had suicide thoughts, and … More Choose Happiness.

Self Reflection.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not enough. I feel like I’m not lovable. I had to take a look in the mirror today and just stare into it. I just stared at myself for a few minutes… I just smiled. 😀 This is me . This is who I am. I have to always be myself … More Self Reflection.

My “turnt up” lifestyle almost made me take my own life.

Are you stuck? Most of us hate to admit it, but your life is a reflection of your choices. This is my story. My 20’s consisted of heavy drinking, partying, and men. Even though I was having a blast at the time I always felt like something was missing. I started drinking at the age … More My “turnt up” lifestyle almost made me take my own life.