Thank you so much for visiting my page. Cristal Clear is all about new journeys, experiences, and, overcoming battles. Often times in life we get lost. When we are lost, confused, and, broken, we are constantly looking for a way out. We either try to fix ourselves, or, indulge in self-destructive behavior. I’m on a journey of spirituality, sobriety, celibacy, and health. Sex, food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, men, women, and, money, will never complete us. It’s a never-ending cycle that keeps you wanting more and more.  I am sharing my own journey with a lot of transparency, so, you can see that you too can be a overcomer in the areas that are holding you back in life. This blog was inspired by my own struggles and downfalls, to bring light to all the darkness that can consume us on a daily basis. I pray that my words help you on your journey to seeing things Cristal Clear.