Paralyzed by fear.

Fear doesn’t exist . It’s a mental barrier that can keep us from being everything God called us to be if we don’t confront it .

Fear is one of those things that can keep you in the same spot for 20 years. Nothing happened . The only thing that happened was the failed scenarios you constantly played in your head.

What if it doesn’t work?

What if we get divorced?

What if I never get married?

What if the business fails?

What if nobody buys my product?

What if nobody reads my blog?

What if nobody comes to my show?

What if nobody reads my emails?

What if nobody watches my live videos?

What if I’m just dreaming too big?

Let me be realistic , this can’t happen for me .

God isn’t really speaking to me.

Isn’t this what we tell ourselves? Every day we wake up with the same exact ideas , the same big dream! Yet, we do nothing. We let the enemy whisper in our ears about how inadequate we are. We continue to replay the words our parents , friends or exes spoke over our lives like their the ones that knit us together in our mother’s womb. We tell ourselves we can’t, when the creator of the universe said, before I formed you I knew you.


I’m the one that puts the breath in your lungs.

You will live and not die.

Pick up your mat and walk.

I know you’re scared, walk anyway.

3 thoughts on “Paralyzed by fear.

  1. Reblogged this on Beutiflee and commented:
    Fear, it’s there. But do you choose to let it paralyze you or will you take up strength to move ahead. Don’t let the enemy continue to thwart your steps by replaying your fears. Focus on stepping forward towards God and He will fill you with confidence to keep going, despite your fears. Keep reading and please check out her blog.


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