Relationship with self.

I believe one of the best relationships anyone can have is with themselves.

You should love you.

You should love yourself enough to set boundaries.

You should love yourself enough to say no.

You should love yourself enough to not have sex with anyone that doesn’t respect you.

You should love the woman God created you to be.

You should love your imperfections.

You should love everything about you.

We are all different. We all have flaws . Who cares.

One of the hardest things to be is ourselves. This world is constantly telling us who to be and what to do to be relevant. If you aren’t careful you can lose yourself QUICK.

Make time for yourself.

Have quiet time.

Take yourself on dates.


Spend time with God .

Just you and the creator.


Pray for others.

Give thanks.

Life is beautiful when we change our focus. Depression comes from what we don’t see. Depression comes when we don’t find ourselves worthy. Depression comes when other peoples words speak louder than Gods word. Depression has no power. You will live and not die. You will overcome. You will believe you are amazing and worthy of greatness.

We somehow believe that one day we wake up and everything is great. That’s not how it works.

Every day you wake up and do your best. Every day you keep going.

Every day you refuse to give up.

Every day you tell yourself that you will move that mountain in front of you.

Every day you will give yourself that Pep talk instead of giving up.

Until one day, the storm has passed. Your smiling again. You have peace. The pain is a little less. You’re a little more confident. You start believing in you. And that’s when you realize , all things worked out for my good. 💜


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