How did I get here? How did we get here? Why are humans so cruel to one another? Why do we disrespect one another and treat each other like we don’t even matter. I think about the pain I’ve endured, and , that’s just a little bit of the pain that’s going on in this world. So many people are hurting. So many people are broken. So many people have lost hope. So many people wake up with the same attitude as the day before, with no intention to do better. Why do we think that this is the cycle of life? We wake up, go to work, come home, cook, watch tv, take care of our families, and do the same exact thing the next day.

I don’t know about you, but, it drives me crazy when my days start to look the same. It shows me that I have nothing going on. I need passion. I need drive. I need hope. I need to have something that makes me wake up in the morning and be filled with joy. I cannot sit back and do nothing. We all work, that’s where we spent a majority of our lives at. Can I be honest? Working sucks. If you are doing what you love, that’s a different story. I’m talking about the ones that dread going to work everyday, the ones that complain about their jobs every chance they get, the ones that simply hate their lives. What if we did everything that we wanted to do? What if we stopped being scared? What if we weren’t afraid to fail? What if we all did the things that we truly love? What if we all loved one another despite of how we treat one another? Would the world be a better place? Yes! Simply, because we would all be walking in our God-given purpose.

What got in the way? Kids are so excited about life. Kids have so much passion. Kids jump off couches and beds with no care in the world. Kids believe they can do anything ! What happened to that child? what happened to you that made you doubt yourself? what happened to you that made you lose your confidence? Where did it all go wrong?

We didn’t come in to this world scared, angry, bitter, resentful ,depressed, psychotic, etc. Life did that. Life messed us up. Parents that were hurting messed us up. People that didn’t know how to love messed us up. People that lost hope messed us up. Can we recover? Through all the pain, hurt, and betrayals; can we go back to how we once were? Excited about life. If you are anything like me, you’ve felt like giving up or maybe you already gave up. Life is hard. We are all trying to figure it out.

On this journey of growth, I’ve learned one thing…..

Just because I am changing, it does not mean everyone else is.

That’s hard to accept at times. It’s hard because some people’s pain, won’t let them see the good side of you. Their pain wont let them be happy for you. Their pain, won’t let them encourage and celebrate you. Under all that pain, is the real them. Don’t take it personal, pain changes us. Some of us decide to dig deep and deal with our pain so we can be better human beings, but some of us don’t. Some people lose to their pain.



One thought on “Pain.

  1. Here’s my experience…
    When I was drinking I desperately felt I had missed my chance. Evey day felt the same..the same repetitive actions, the same job…I was going through the motions, biding my time…only shutting it off when drinking.

    I now have the same life, the same days the same family and the same job. But I enjoy most of the parts that make up my days, sober.

    In the Bhagavad Gita it talks about karma yoga…where you fulfill your roles with not expectation of praise and with all your effort. You do the work for the works sake and find satisfaction, even if the work is menial.

    This helped change my view.

    I know. A lot of my personal change is that the critical inner voice is now mostly gone, so I can move through my day without constant self.criticism.

    Big hug. You are doing great. It is enough. Pat yourself on the back. You make the world a better place by being you.



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