Don’t ever. 

Don’t ever let anyone treat you like you don’t matter. 

Don’t ever let someone disrespect you. 

Don’t ever let someone belittle you. 

Don’t ever let someone verbally, emotionally, or physically abuse you. 

Don’t ever allow people to treat you less than. 

You are an amazing soul. You are here on this earth for a specific purpose . You have life within you. God has placed certain desires, passions, and dreams within you.  Don’t let them go to waste! The easiest way to not give birth to your greatness is by allowing people to mistreat you. When you allow disrespect and abuse it hurts you. It messes with your self-esteem. You start doubting yourself . You start believing what people have spoken over you. You start settling for whatever life gives you instead of busting your ass for what you were created for. 

I know what it’s like to be told I was never going to be anything. I’ve been told I’m nothing but an alcoholic. I’ve been called a failure. I’ve been told I will never be good enough to be someone’s wife. I’ve been told that my dreams are silly and that I can’t change the world .  I’ve been counted out since before I was even 18. My whole life I’ve been trying to prove to people that my life matters. That I’m a woman that matters! That I’m a human being with feelings. Everyone has said so much about me but yet no one tried to help me. When I was depressed and wanting to commit suicide people told me I was overreacting. People asked me , “what do you possibly have to worry about?”. No one even tried to understand me but everyone was so quick to point out my weaknesses and failures. 

I’ve failed over and over and over again. I’m sure I will fail some more. The difference now is that I don’t care if I fail. I don’t care because I know I will get back up. I know that I’m strong enough to keep going. When I thought I wouldn’t make it another day , I made it! When I wanted to take my own life and ended up in the psych ward I thought it was over. I had no idea how I was going to get out of that hole. The hole of shame and guilt . Ashamed because I have done absolutely nothing with my life. I felt guilty because “what do I have to possibly be depressed about” . It was a hole that I saw no way out !!! It was like my feet were stuck in cement, I wanted to do better. I wanted so bad for people to believe in me. I wanted so bad for people to genuinely support me. I wanted so bad for people to like me and approve of me.


God has placed something inside me that NO MAN can contain. I have things to say and people to reach. I have purpose within me ! 


They told me I was nothing but GOD SAYS IM EVERYTHING! 

I don’t care what they say about me. I don’t even care if people like me. All I know is that I will never allow people to ever talk to me or treat me like I’m worthless EVER AGAIN! 

Don’t ever let this world take your peace! This world will tell you everything that you aren’t and will never tell you EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE ! You are amazing and were created for such a time as this!! Set boundaries, love yourself enough to let certain people and things go. Forgive everyone that has hurt you AND forgive yourself! You have done the best that you can. Accept the things that you Can’t change and work on the things you can ! I love you , God loves you and you are here on PURPOSE!


8 thoughts on “Don’t ever. 

  1. I stumbled across your page and couldn’t get enough of this. I actually used this as an affirmation. This is very powerful. Today …. I needed this.

    Give my blog a glance when you get a chance, I’m new here ❤️, I look forward to reading more of your feed.

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