We all get that feeling. That feeling when you feel “alone”. It’s a feeling that is there whether you’re around people or you aren’t. I’ve experienced feeling alone in crowds and I’ve experienced feeling alone because I’m not around anyone. Today , I’m feeling alone. I’m feeling alone because things just aren’t the way they used to be.  You grow up thinking that family will always be close. Siblings will always be just a phone call away. Friends are here forever. We all know life gets tough but no matter what, we grow up thinking that certain people are just suppose to be there. 

I remember being so close with certain people, mainly family. Now, things have changed. I don’t mention it to these individuals because I’m the “single one with no kids” so I don’t get anything. I don’t think that’s fair. Everyone makes it seem like I’m expecting too much because I don’t have a family. That hurts. 

All I expected was for us to keep in contact. Meet up. Talk. Spend time together. Nothing drastic, just regular human connection. I never in my life thought it was okay for anyone to seclude themselves. I always knew we were all here for each other. We are all here to make each other’s lives better. The older we get, the further away we get. Why is that? Is this what it comes down to?

I’m usually the one that’s always reaching out to everybody and planning things so we can all see each other, but , honestly I’m just tired of doing that. It would be so much easier for us all to stay connected. The sad part is we are all connected through social media but are so far from a real connection. It’s sad, it really is. 

This is one of the reasons why I Want a huge family. Family is great. Of course, we will have our ups and downs but having a family is a gift . Not everyone has a family. Why don’t we appreciate it the way we should? Spending time together allows us to open up, talk about lifE, get away from every day life and enjoy being in the presence of one another. When the world is against you , you have your spouse, your sibling, your child. Why don’t we do more to feed these connections? 

I’ve learned to accept things that I cannot change and to focus on the things that I can change. I guess we are all in this life journey together, trying to figure it all out. The greatest thing about life is the people that God places in your life to share It with. Enjoy your family, kids, friends, coworkers, church family, just enjoy it all. Enjoy the people in your life as much as you can. If you have best friends enjoy that! If you have a great husband/wife, enjoy them! reach out to people, communicate, talk. 

Social media has made it really easy for us to just check on each other online instead of picking up the phone. I know one day my life will be filled with great ,genuine ,loyal, loving people that love to be around other people. One day, until then I will enjoy life by myself and with whoever wants to be a part of it. 

Life is good for me now. I wish I had people to share it with but it’s okay. I know one day I will. God directs my path and never lets me down. 



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