Should Christians Drink?


My personal conviction is to stay away from alcohol. To me, Jesus and “turn up” just doesn’t go together. Other people think it is absolutely okay to drink. Some even say it is okay as long as you don’t get drunk. So, is getting tipsy okay? Is there really a grey area? Are we seeing how close we can get to sin without sinning? According to the Bible it tells us numerous of things.  The Bible tells us three things about alcohol. The Bible tells us to stay alert and sober-minded, but, it also tells us to drink wine and be merry, AND, it also tells us not to get drunk. Getting drunk is the sin, having a drink is not.

I’ve lived depending on alcohol since 16. Nothing good ever came from drinking. I can probably count on one hand the times that I’ve had only one drink. Those times were very rare for me. I never saw the point in drinking if I wasn’t getting drunk. This is coming from someone who abused alcohol her whole life, so, my outlook on alcohol is totally different from someone who has never experienced the dangers of alcohol.

My problem with Christians drinking comes in when we are getting together and doing the same things the people of this world are doing. I know for a fact that God set us apart to be different and not like this world. I also know people claim Christianity as a religion only and their life doesn’t reflect any of it. I look at Christianity as living for Christ and doing everything to honor him and bring glory to his name. I have to be Holy in all that I do, not because I HAVE to, but, because I want to. Loving God with all of my being and knowing my identity in him makes a HUGE difference. I am still a sinner and I will never be perfect, but, that does not mean I could do whatever I want. I have standards now. My life is way bigger than me. My purpose is way bigger than me. I’m no longer living for me. When we claim Christ we really have to stop using GRACE to justify our ungodly ways.

This past week I was in a situation that made me very uncomfortable. I went out with a  whole bunch of Christians from the church and they were all drinking. That is a problem for me. Maybe, I went into the whole situation without really thinking about it. The thought of alcohol being present didn’t even cross my mind, I just figured they weren’t drinkers.  I thought WRONG. I want to be a Christian every day of my life, not just on Sundays.

One thing that this walk has taught me so far is that you really cannot let people get in the way of your faith. We are all humans and we are all flawed. The mistake I made was assuming that people automatically lived a certain type of lifestyle because they attend church. I should have known better. Church is a place of healing not perfection. We all go to church because we are all in need of the same thing, JESUS. I need to continue to be careful with who I surround myself with, whether they are Christians or not, nothing changes.

Sobriety is not the easiest thing in the world. Being sober AND living for Jesus is so frowned upon in today’s society. God made me to be different. I’m set a part and my calling is to bring out the best in other women with Christ being in the center of it all. He is the only way. Almost 3 months sober and my life has changed drastically, I love it! I don’t want to be like everyone else. I will constantly get tested in my walk. As long as God keeps putting breath in my body I will continue to pick up the cross and follow him NOT people.

I will say this over and over again. Your identity is in Christ,  not in men, sex, drugs, jobs, alcohol, food, or porn. This world will tell you that this is what you need, this is what makes you feel good, but…. IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH.  I could of easily started drinking again and thought nothing of it because other Christians were doing it, but, no.

James 1 :3 – You know that when your faith is tested your endurance has a chance to grow.



2 thoughts on “Should Christians Drink?

  1. I love your heart here, and I think I hear it. I, personally, feel no conviction about having a drink. I don’t do it very often, but sometimes mixology is fun to me and my husband. I also love to cook with alcohol. Having said that, we NEVER drink in social situations where we don’t know beyond a shadow of a doubt that everyone present has no problem with alcohol. We are NOT to cause our brother or sister to stumble. I never go out drinking. In fact, the only time I drink in public is if my husband and I are out to dinner for a special occasion and we decide to enjoy a cocktail (a rare occasion). I NEVER get drunk, or even tipsy. In fact, I rarely drink an entire cocktail if I order one. I believe in personal conviction and that we all have our weaknesses. I applaud your conviction to guard yourself in you area of weakness. It’s what we should all do, because as you said, we’re all human and not everyone is always going to be considerate of those around them … unfortunately. Bless you! 😊

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