Why do I feel like this?

Why can’t I get better?

Why is life so hard?

Why can’t I just get it right for once?

Why doesn’t anyone love me?

Why doesn’t anyone believe in me?

Why am I such a failure?

Why can’t I be successful like everyone else?

Why can’t I be skinny?

Why can’t I look like him/her?

Why did he/she leave me?

Why am I not worthy of love?

Why am I scared to love?

Why do I have to struggle?

Why is it so hard for me to believe in myself?

Why can’t it all just be over?

What if you are amazing?

What if you are beautiful?

What if you can be successful?

What if you’re smart?

What if you are not a failure?

What if someone wants to look like you?

What if she wants to have your hair?

What if he wants to have your complexion?

What if that person left because they knew you deserved better?

What if your blessings are right around the corner?

What if your smile brightens someone’s day?

What if you are the reason someone looks forward to waking up every day?

What if your friendship is the reason why someone is still alive?

What if people love being around you?

What if you’re meant to do great things in this world?


If you keep asking why, you will never know what if… Keep Going.


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